Latest News from the Sera Je Food Fund

By Ven. Holly Ansett

The Sera Je Food Fund is one of FPMT’s most important projects and in May 2010, FPMT was able to send US$125,963.16 to Sera Je Monastery. This contribution covers six months’ worth of meals (we are now offering three meals per day) for all 2,600 monks currently studying at Sera Je.

The extensive dedications made by the monks of Sera Je Monastery for the Fund’s sponsors mean that, for as long as the monastery exists, you will receive the merit of making offerings to the monks.

The Sera Je Abbott has arranged for prayers to be done by all the monks of Sera Je during the month of Saka Dawa (when merit is multiplied up to 100 million times), and those prayers are dedicated to all the kind sponsors and supporters of the Sera Je Food Fund. We were happy to receive this letter of thanks from the abbot of Sera Je, Khen Rinpoche Acharya Geshe Lobsang Palden.

This is the nineteenth year that FPMT has been offering food to the monks at Sera Je Monastery. To date the Sera Je Food Fund has provided over 10,000,000 meals. That’s 2,500,000 meals per year, 7,800 meals every day. Please rejoice in this incredible effort!