Making a successful application for European Union funding can be complicated. The EU DUEE has been set up to help member organisations make applications and you are always welcome to contact us for help and advice. We have put together this page to give you a rough idea of how to proceed but each individual application will be different and you are strongly advised to contact us to talk through your proposals.

EU funding is probably different from other funding you may have sought for your organisation. The EU puts out what it refers to as 'calls'. These set out aims that the EU wishes to pursue and invites organisations to explain how they can help to achieve these aims.  So in effect the EU is looking for your ideas and projects which support its specific aims and which it will then, if your applications successful, help to fund.

For example, an EU call might invite proposals for improving communication between Higher Education Institutions in European countries. A project to meet this might involve a series of Pan-European conferences over a two year period, with a web site and on line discussion groups to help people stay in contact.

So the trick in making an application is to think about something your organisation wants to do or is already doing, and think how this can be modified and explained to the EU in a way that demonstrates how it fulfills the EU's aims.

When you find an EU call that interests you, you will find that there is not a lot of time to complete the application process. We advise you to regularly look at calls to get an idea of the kind of areas the EU is interested in promoting. You should then try to think of projects your organisation wants to do so that when a call comes up that is appropriate, you already have clearly developed ideas.

If you see a call that you think might be appropriate to your organisation, contact us. We only list a brief summary of each call on the EU DUEE website but we have access to the full details which will help you to decide if the call really is appropriate for you.

Each application form is different but in general you will need to provide the following:

1. Clear details about how your proposed project will support the EU's aims for the specific call.
2. Information about your organisation, what it's status is, it's constitution, how long it has existed and its track record.
3. Financial information - usually a set of accounts for the previous annual year.
4. A budget for the proposed project.
5. Details of funding you will be putting into your proposed project.
6. References.

We have provide some examples of forms on the 'Current EU Calls' page. The Appication Form and Guidance are for a past call for projects in India. However most of the information would apply to any future calls. If you wish to apply for a particular call we can obtain and pass on to you the specific Guidance and Application Form (and other information) for the call you are interested in.